Traveling Across the States

After having arrived in Washington, I’ve decided to light my car aflame…as I refuse to drive anywhere ever again.

Actually, I am surprised how fun 3300 miles I spent in the car with Mark was.  He was attractive, funny, and he was always there for me to resent if things got too  stressful…all the things I look for in a boyfriend.

The trip itself was mainly made up of things that wouldn’t make good updates.  We spent most of the trip driving, eating outside of respectable breakfast joints while Atticus, Mark’s dog, tried to attack small children, smuggling that same dog into hotels to avoid pet fees, and listening to audiobooks. I apologize to those hotel goers with allergies about smuggling our dog in there, but to be fair, your allergy is nature’s way of letting you know that you are too weak for this world.

Things of Note:

1. A prostitute in Alabama asked Mark if he wanted some company.  Honestly, I’m not sure how he could have turned that offer down.  Sure she may not have had all of her teeth, but the South is known for its whores. Southern hospitality and all that jazz…

2. The Grand Canyon

It was pretty amazing.


And Atticus got licked by a deer…

IMG_19333. IBJJF World’s Tourney

4. Traveling up the California coast to Vancouver, Washington. This was tons of fun, and it only added hours and hours of driving…

This is the only time in the trip where the driving finally got to me.  If it weren’t for how attractive Mark is, I might have had to leave him.

In any case, that was the trip.  After we finished, we had a nice relaxing few hours before we had to unpack all of the stuff that we had in the Uhaul pod that we had shipped. Once we finished that, we had another luxurious few hours of rest before we went on the river trip with some of Mark’s friends…

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Worlds IBJJF

Spending part of my week surrounded by sweaty men who are predisposed to violence. Living my dreams!


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Defensive Smelly Beetle


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Back In The States

I’ve been back in the states for about a week now. After living in Costa Rica for around 10 months, what surprises me most is how easy it was for me to slip back into the life style and flow of the states.

The only moment that struck me as odd was on the first night. I was grabbing some cookies from the refrigerator (that is not strange…I did that on a nightly basis), and I headed back to my room. He big difference was that I didn’t have to walk a couple of minutes through the cloud forest to get to my bed.

Anyway, I got to catch up with my family, and now Mark and I are preparing for our cross country drive. From Athens, Ga to a competition in California. Then we go from here to Vancouver, Wa. If we don’t kill one another If I don’t kill mark, this might just be true love.

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Moving back to the States

I haven’t been posting in a while, and that is because I’ve been trying to make sure everything is in order for the next researcher to come down and take my place in the project. My 10 month stay in Costa Rica is finally coming to an end, and coming here with Mark was probably one of the best decision of my life.


I’ve had so many experiences that I’m not sure that I could summarize it in one post…hence why I’ve been writing this blog the whole damn time…

Instead, I’ll just say that I cannot say enough how great it was to meet everyone that I did.  It is hard to leave when I’ve spent so much time living, working, and partying with these people. I hope they realized that every time I said something bitchy to them, I was really expressing my fondness for them…
Not that I didn’t mean those bitchy things! I’m just fond enough of them to let them know how terrible they are…

After visiting with my friends and family for a few days in the states, I’ll be moving on to my next adventure with Mark.  We’ll be driving from Georgia to California for him to participate in some big jiu jitsu competition, and then we’ll drive to Washington.  It’ll by my first huge road trip with him, and then it will be my first time living with him in the states.  I also hope he knows that I’m fond enough of him to let him know just how terrible he is…


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First Race of Santa Elena

First Race of Santa Elena

Not much going on. I am finishing up some last minute things before heading back to the states and moving in with Mark. I just ran for the first time in Costa Rica. Snatched third place and ten bucks!

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Wednesday Spotlight: Perezoso

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Originally posted on UGA Costa Rica Blog:
Some of you who follow us on Instagram (if you don’t already you totally should) may have already seen some awesome pictures of our on-campus Rec Room called “Perezoso”. In Spanish, “Perezoso” can…

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